Front Opening Criss-Coss Exam Patient Gown Light Blue
Front Opening Criss-Coss Exam Patient Gown Light Blue

Front Opening Criss-Coss Exam Patient Gown Light Blue

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Pack of
  • Front Opening Criss-Cross Exam Patient Gown
  • Tieside closure
  • Opens in front for modesty during examination
  • Concealed tie inside the gown keeps it securely fastened.
  • Heavyweight Demure Cloth provides warmth and opacity.

This Front Opening Criss-Cross Exam Patient Gown is designed to provide both comfort and modesty during medical examinations. We understand the discomfort of unrobing in the hospital, even if it is because of medical needs. It can be psychologically damaging, and your self-esteem can take a hit if you feel uncomfortable in a patient gown.

While at the doctor, one of your top priorities is privacy. You want to feel in control of the process. That is why the front opening criss-cross design allows easy access during examinations while maintaining a sense of privacy for the patient. Additional body coverage, personal privacy, and control are maintained through the tie-side closure, which ensures that the gown stays securely fastened. Because of the gown’s beautiful design, you can easily conceal the tie inside the gown while keeping it securely fastened.

The heavyweight Demure Cloth ensures opacity and warmth; you will remain covered and comfortable throughout the examination. Its light blue color is by design. It adds a touch of calm and serenity to the medical setting, ensuring you are more relaxed and open to the examinations.

This gown is perfect for patients seeking a comfortable and modest option during medical examinations. Whether at the doctor's office or in a hospital, you can feel confident and secure in this gown.

It's easy to wear and maintain, making it a convenient choice. The gown can be machine washed and tumble-dried, and the durable material retains its shape and softness after washing.

This open criss-cross gown is suitable for both men and women, making it an excellent option for any medical facility or individual. With a wide neck, sleeve, and sweep, any body type can easily slip it on. Enjoy doctor appointments more with the Front Opening Criss-Cross Exam Patient Gown Light Blue.

Discover Comfort and Practicality with Front-Opening Patient Gowns

Granted, patient gowns make you feel anything but glamorous during your hospital stay. However, they're an invaluable addition to any medical facility, allowing physicians to examine patients easily.

Traditional patient gowns open at the back, leaving you feeling like you're one accidental sneeze away from flashing the whole ward. Plus, accessing the tiebacks or popper fastenings can be challenging for some patients - and nobody wants to contort their arms into an awkward yoga pose while attempting to undo a hospital gown.

That doesn't have to be the case. Nobles' front-opening patient gowns are designed to open at the front, making it easier for patients to get in and out of them. These gowns offer more modesty, not to mention control, allowing you to cover up when necessary and remove the gown when the examination time comes. Tie-side closures ensure proper securement, implying you can rest easy knowing you won't be laying bare in the middle of a ward.

Our gowns are fashioned from Demure Cloth, a lightweight and resistant fabric that is also exceptionally soft and easy to wash. You can expect the material to remain wrinkle-free and colorfast, even after several washes.

Plus, their unique design provides maximum coverage and complete discretion. Studies also suggest that hospital gowns, which can symbolize the dehumanizing aspects of care (depending on their design), can negatively impact patient well-being.
Nobles Healthcare Product Solutions recognize the value of dignified and personalized care.

To this end, our gowns are a great pick for facilities that prioritize patient comfort and safety. Whether your patients are dog-tired or feeling daring, our gowns offer the perfect solution. Don't let your patients get caught with their gowns down - get Nobles' front-opening patient gowns to safeguard their privacy. Stock up your facility with our budget-friendly options to ensure your patients look forward to their next visit.

Machine wash with like colors. Tumble dry low.



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