Choosing the Right Incontinence Bed Pads: Factors to Consider

Incontinence is a problem among many people, with millions being victims of it. Having the right bed pads can make all the difference, ensuring you avoid many of the inconveniences associated with incontinence. With numerous such products available on the market, a little research will go a long way toward finding ones that adequately address your needs.

The Need for Bed Pads

Incontinence results when an individual can no longer adequately control their bowel movements or urine. While this is usually in the elderly, people with certain medical conditions like diabetes can also develop it. Similarly, certain spinal cord injuries can also lead to poor urine and fecal control.

An individual that’s unable to control their bowel movements and urine will need to have reliable means of handling this situation. That’s where bed pads come in. With the possibility of embarrassment and stigma, bed pads enable incontinent individuals to not worry about soiling their beds and room.

What to Consider When Choosing Bed Pads

When you’re shopping for bed pads, it’s good to keep certain factors in mind. This ensures that you buy the kind of pads that’ll serve your needs well.

These factors include:


Depending on the bed size, you’ll need a bed pad that covers as much bed area as possible. For example, a large bed may require a pad size of about 34 by 36 inches. A smaller bed can do with one whose size is 18 by 24 inches. If the person requiring a bed pad is a child, a small-sized one will usually do. This is because the projected area to become soiled is relatively small. However, going with the largest bed pad size is usually the best option because you’ll be sure that there is adequate bed coverage. The bigger the bed pad size, the more expensive.

2) Absorbency

This is the bed pad’s capacity to absorb liquid. Ideally, you want bed pads that have a high absorbency; this ensures that nothing leaks into the underlying bedding material. A typical bed pad has an absorbance of about 1.2 to 1.5 liters. The material from which the bed pad is manufactured greatly influences this. Most bed pads are made of polymer able to absorb this average amount. The higher the absorbency, the more expensive the bed pad.

3) Odor Control

The odor control capabilities of a bed pad are crucial. Along with absorbency, it is what potential customers consider most before purchasing any bed pads. Urine and fecal matter can have revolting smells. That’s why bed pads with better odor control are better. They ensure the smell is significantly contained. There’s usually a gel or some other chemical built into the bed pad fabric to help with this. The better the odor control, the better the bed pad.

4) Comfort

The whole point of having bed pads is to ensure that the person using them experiences as little inconvenience, if any, as possible. As such, comfort is always a key thing to consider when purchasing one. This is especially true for individuals who are bedridden for most of the day. Look for ones with high ratings as far as customer reviews go.

The above are the main things to consider when buying bed pads. Of course, knowing the type of incontinence you’ll be dealing with also helps immensely. For example, when purchasing bed pads for someone whose primary issue is urine incontinence, absorbency will be your main concern. Someone with fecal incontinence, on the other hand, will require one with more odor control. This means that you’ll always have to find a balance between the different factors accordingly.

Disposable vs Reusable Bed Pads

There are those bed pads that you can wash and reuse while others are disposed of after a single use. Depending on your preference and budget, you may opt for one over the other.

Reusable bed pads tend to be made of cloth, one of the main characteristics that makes them washable. They comprise several layers for added protection and durability. The topmost layer is made of a fast-drying fabric, ensuring that it can dry quickly even as someone lies on it. This layering structure, coupled with the inherent cloth durability, makes reusable pads ideal for those needing them for long periods. A typical reusable bed pad can be washed numerous times before needing to be replaced. It’s a great choice if you’re looking to save money on bed pads.

Disposable bed pads are for one-time use only. This means that they can be used for short durations or when one is on the move. This added convenience comes with an increased cost; they’re more expensive than the washable types. A typical disposable pad has 3 to 4 layers of protection, with an impervious outer layer and a highly-absorbent layer sandwiching an absorbent get in between them.

Choosing between a disposable bed pad and a reusable one comes down to your circumstances and preferences. For instance, while disposable bed pads are very convenient, they can also create noise due to the rubbing of skin on them when one is sleeping. This is something you may find annoying. Choosing reusable bed pads is ideal for someone who’ll be bedridden for a long time, helping to save money on purchasing disposable bed pads every day.

How to Use Bed Pads

You can simply place your bed pads on the mattress and lay the bed sheets on top. You may choose to place the bed pads on top of the sheets if you’re concerned about soiling them. Ensure to go for bed pads with a soft inner lining if you go for the latter option. Keep in mind that you can add 2 to 3 layers of bed pads depending on the degree of incontinence suffered.

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